A re-design of the Service Blueprint - a process-based tool used to address the layers and actors of a service. Our goal is to improve the understanding and analysis of service and systems of relationships. The visualizations we present are rooted on the parallel that can be drawn between ecosystems in nature and business and service systems. We base our illustrations from diagrams of live organisms, visualizations of cancer cells, pollination of flowers and reproductive organs.  

To ground our visualization we collaborated with an Information Architecture group to develop a  Service Design Taxonomy - a comprehensive structure and categorization that can be used to break down a service. 

The organic quality of our drawings proved to be adaptable to the complexity enclosed by services. However, it was not effective as a tool to communicate with third-parties. With this process-based research in hand we joined a team in a one-night design sprint of a new tool - The Service Design Huddle

Nathan Beck, Andrea Young, Breana Russel, Lucia Cozzi